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Internal Validation to Prevent Job Burnout ….

Author : M. Celeste Chase AC-BC, ACC, CDP
Activity Directors Network –

Many of us, admittedly most of us, look for some level of external feedback in the form of recognition to measure the importance of what we do. Feedback from our family, friends, business associates or coworkers helps us to develop a sense of personal and professional contribution. But all too frequently we give away our power to others to rate how successful we are while working to achieve our goals. The success of our own internal ability to self-motivate will increase or decrease greatly when those external sources say yah or nah to what we do often leading to a maker or breaker attitude.

We can always count on our loved ones to give us what we need to succeed but that is not the expected scenario out there in the working world. It is neither rewarding nor any fun to toil away at a job where your efforts go unnoticed. You are especially prone to those influences when the elements of your work are demanding both physically and emotionally.



Give yourself permission to find reward and value in what you do. When we are waiting for those external sources to find time during that busy work day to give us praise for work well done, we stand in pause, a momentary state of waiting for validation and responses to unanswered questions. Are we valued, are we not valued for our work? Did we do as well as we thought we did – did we do as well as we wanted to?

Permit yourself to self-reflect and self-rate what you do first and then proceed to include the input from those outside sources. Establishing a sense of a job well done is the best way to prevent burnout. Ask yourself if your still leaving work at the end of the day feeling satisfaction and excitement upon the thought of returning back to work the next day.



Before evaluation date, pursue a dialogue with your work supervisor to ask how you are doing. Your approach should not be defensive but rather should be to seek better understanding of what is expected and whether you are on the right track. Ask for clarification if need be so you can make clear plan of action to meet your job requirements. You will ensure that you remain on target to be in line to move into another position of more responsibility if you have aspirations to do so. You are looking to partner with your supervisor in a way that supports the overall mission & goals of your department. Your supervisor will remember & appreciate this meeting when your actual performance rating is scheduled.



There is never a time when we have learned it all; regardless of what position of professional status one may achieved. Continued education is not only consistently required to maintain certifications but continues to provide one of the largely single greatest source of renewed interest in any given career path. Learning sparks introspective thought that provokes one to look for better and more current strategies to improve delivery and discover more effective ways to offer the services provided.

Job burnout is often seen to take hold when work tasks become mundane in nature or otherwise automatic and lack the need for individualized thought process, thus, mind stimulation through continued education provides a pathway that may prevent that “same old same old” mind set.



Protect yourself from that “it’s me and me alone” feeling. No one success story in any profession, business or leadership role, was ever accomplished by just one individual alone. Plans are devised policies & procedures are written but it takes the entire team to create a synergy – whereas; combined effect of the sum of all is greater than individual efforts. Remember … “IT TAKES A VILLAGE”


Here are a few qualities that a successful team possess.


  • Group focus on goals and mutual support of each other’s achievements
  • Everyone contributes their fair share – jointly collaborating towards a common action plan
  • The team offers each other support & develops natural synergy amongst the group
  • Unity of individualized members creates a collaboration of diversity that creates success
  • Good leadership is balanced by each individuals unique leadership style


Look around for Validation

Look for those rewards that which is not spoken; those quiet subtle nuances that speak volumes. You will see that in the smiles, it will present in the body language, it will be reflected in the positive behaviors and in the active engagement of those you serve. Take time at the end of each day or week to reflect on what went well and what didn’t go as well. This task helps you to recall both what you’re good at and why you do what you do. Concentrate on the positive to nourish your self esteem and self-validate your achievements. Those external sources charged with rating you in the work world will also see that you have that special quality – that capacity to improve the quality of life of others in a meaningful way.


“Look to move away from the desire to obtain external validation; fulfillment, job burnout prevention and real validation will come from within and will always lead to a proven success story.”


Internal Validation to Prevent Job Burnout ….

Author : M. Celeste Chase AC-BC, ACC, CDP

Activity Directors Network –