Celebrating you and all the hard wok you do is the perfect way to kickstart 2021! You have likely worked harder, longer and stretched yourself thinner than ever before this past year. You nailed it and now it is time to reflect upon your accomplishments and do a little celebrating!
How Do You Celebrate Activity Professional’s Week?
One idea is to educate others about the profession and to build a sense of camaraderie and teamwork throughout the facility through this knowledge. Other ways include fun and career building activities. Some ideas you can use to accomplish this will be the focus of today’s Activity Corner!
*Activity Idea
Career Swap
A great way to educate others about what you do, is to let them do it! Celebrate Activity Professional’s Day by having some volunteers from your facility step in and host each of your planned activities for the day.

Have co-workers volunteer to host one of your planned activities for the day. You can decide how many activities to swap for based on the type of activity and willingness. During the planned activity, you will take over their job while they host your activity! Be sure and let everyone know beforehand. It will certainly peek everyone’s interest and may even garner a higher attendance rate for the activity!

Certification Checklist
Why not celebrate by advancing in your career? You may be closer to being eligible for national certification than you even realize! Becoming Nationally Board Certified with APNCC (formerly known as NAAPCC) puts your career in the fast lane and provides opportunities for growth that are actually within reach.
“ The industry’s mark of excellence recognized by CMS.”
Step-by-Step Guide to Get Certified” for APNCC Board Certification
Step 1 – Prepare Your Documentation
Depending on your Pathway, you will need to gather corresponding documents to submit with your application. Below are some helpful forms for this purpose:

Determine Your Pathway and Complete Your APNCC Application:
APNCC Pathways
APNCC Applications
NOTE: If you have a college degree you may be able to apply for Advanced Activity Professional Board Certification. Check your credentials closely to determine where you fall.
Activity Experience Hours Verification Form

Continuing Education
You will have received your Live CE Continuing Education certificates throughout your NAPT Course by participating in Live Chats. If you are not enrolled in the NAPT course, you will need to obtain this through APNCC approved sources. Collect them together to send with your application.

High School Diploma/GED/College Degree
Your Pathway will determine which of these documents will need to be presented with your application. Determine what is needed and get a copy on hand.

NAPT Course Certificate of Completion
This will be awarded to you upon your successful completion of your course. It features a Seal of Authenticity from Activity Directors Network and will be signed by your instructor. *Note: THE NAPT course is not required for all certification pathways. For example, if you have a Bachelor’s Degree you will not need to take the NAPT course.

Once you have your application completed and your documentation together, you will then mail everything to APNCC at:

17840 Weymouth Avenue
Parker, CO 80134-7775 USA

Step 2 – Register for Your APNCC Board Certification Exam
Visit https://apncc.org and register for your exam. You will then receive a code that you can enter when you are ready to begin. The exam is one and a half hours long and 150 questions.

Educate Using Signage
The truth is, many people don’t know or understand exactly what it is that an Activity Professional does. This can be somewhat frustrating, but it also leaves a giant opportunity for us to educate others and motivate deeper working relationships. A good way to educate is with signage. Take time to create some bulletin board displays that offer information about the profession. To get you started, print out the FREE printable sign below. Include this on your bulletin board or offer as a handout during Activity Professional’s Week.

Want More?
We have created a beautiful set of 6 Decorative Signs which highlight the importance of the Activity Professional and the ways they enhance the quality of life for each resident. Scroll down to purchase your pack and get ready for Activity Professional’s Week!

Print FREE Sign
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