CHPS Training Resources

CHPS Training Resources.

Find CPR Classes and Other Emergency Training Near You

In alliance with OSHA, the American Red Cross provides a variety of AED CPR training classes. These classes integrate hands-on practice with lectures and demonstrations. Red Cross classes include CPR for adults, CPR for children, AED training for adults, and a standard first aid class that combines CPR and AED training. View the Red Cross training classes and find your local Red Cross for details.
The American Heart Association offers numerous HeartSaver® classes. Offered in both English and Spanish, these training classes are available in a classroom setting, as well as online. American Heart Association classes include CPR training, AED training, AED CPR training, and a class that integrates first aid with AED CPR training. The latter class is designed to meet OSHA requirements. View American Heart Association training classes or search for their training centers near you.

About these First Aid and AED CPR Classes

Whether you seek workplace training or emergency preparation for your family or school, AED CPR training classes can help. Depending on the class you select, the topics may include how to recognize the signs of sudden cardiac arrest, how to follow emergency safety protocol, how to perform CPR, and how to properly use an AED.

Many of these training classes are designed for people who need credentialed training (such as CPR certification) for job or regulatory requirements.

State Requirements

CPR and AED training requirements can vary by state. To assess how you should train individuals within your workplace, home or school, please contact your state or local EMS agency.

Who to Train and How Often to Refresh Their Skills

According to the American Heart Association, you should train as many responders as possible. Ideally, everyone within your workplace, family, or school faculty should go through training.

OSHA (the Occupational Health and Safety Association) recommends conducting a skills review with people who have completed CPR and AED training every six months. It recommends retraining those individuals on critical life-saving skills every year.