Fun Games for Seniors in Nursing Homes


Fun Games for Seniors in Nursing Homes.


Games for seniors are very beneficial because they can improve a seniors quality of life. Wouldn’t you agree?
Games and activities can bring people together in groups and enhance a sense of belonging and participation. When people share laughter through games together it can help to bond people that otherwise feel no personal connection.

Laughter has its own benefit but games can also help improve memory, dexterity, reduce stress and remove a sense of isolation. All because they threw some bean bags together or beat their own high score or finished a puzzle.


Here are some games to keep in mind for the seniors in your care. Some are more suited to the elderly with some independence. Others are better suited to low functioning seniors and seniors with vision impairment, arthritis and dementia challenges.

Brain Games and Mind Games
Brain games for seniors are obviously good for exercising the mind and sharpening awareness skills.

Memory Games
Games like this can help a senior maintain cognitive functioning longer when they suffer from Alzheimer’s or other dementia.

Word Games
Word games are good for exercising the mind and maintaining, or increasing vocabulary. These games are good for groups and for individuals on their own.

Dice and Card Games
Dice can be usually handled quite easily by everyone, even those with arthritis. Larger dice are available too. Cards can be a little more difficult to hold, but come in larger sizes for the visually impaired.

Bingo Games
Bingo gmes, bingo game supplies, bingo board games. So many options when it comes to bingo.

Board Games
Board games have large pieces and small pieces and depending on the game, some may not be able to play as easily as others. But it is a great way to get another senior, more capable, to help those that need assistance. The one helping feels a sense of helpfulness and the one helped may feel appreciative that someone would help and allow them to feel a valid participant in the game.

Senior Trivia Games
Trivia for seniors are great a great group activity. The possible answers can generate laughter and stories, as well as some funny answers to questions. Trivia can also cover any subject area of interest for the seniors, or work with any theme. Music or movies. War time. Europe history. Art. Food and Drink. Canadian history. Sports. The lists are endless.

Group and Party Games
These can be the most fun and really help to pull the less expressive out of their shell.

Puzzles of all kinds are great for exercising the mind and challenging focus, dexterity and cognition.

Large Piece puzzles

Sudoku downloadable ebook

Printable Sudoku puzzles

Dementia Activities
I include these dementia activities in with the games because there are those who do require the activities more suited to their low functioning capacity.

Low Vision games and pieces
I include these activities as suggestions because, like the dementia activities, there are those that require activities best suited to their needs and challenges.

Video Games
Who would have ever thought a few years ago that video games would be a viable, adaptable and great activity for seniors today? Well they are.