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A house… and a whole lot more.

Green House homes are a way of life for the elders thriving in them, the teams working in them, and the healthcare providers who believe in them.

What makes The Green House Project different ?

  • A national brand
  • An evidence-based model backed by study after study proving it works
  • A team of expert consultants helping providers create them

Celebrating 10+ years of success, The Green House movement is transforming long-term care nationwide. It is the most radical, yet common-sense solution you’ll ever experience.

What is The Green House Project? It’s the most natural way of:


  • Nurtures elders in a circle of care
  • Enables deep relationships between elders and caregivers
  • Turns the institutional organizational chart upside down


  • Provides a home for 10-12 people, with private room/baths, that harmonizes with the neighboring community
  • Creates a real home environment with an open kitchen, great room, and easy access to the outdoors.
  • Meets federal and state licensing requirements


  • Respects flexible routines, personal preferences
  • Nurtures a familial experience around a common dining table
  • Welcomes friends and family members
  • Encourages personal growth and enables elders to continue to pursue their interests and passions.

Want to hear more? Explore Green House Project history or take a tour of successful Green Houses across the USA.